Highway 264 Chess

2023 Super Senior (Age 65 and Older) Tournament

Saturday, July 22

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Gordan Ray 252-292-6324


Wilson County Library (249 Nash Street N, Wilson, NC)

Entry Fee

$10 paid in cash at the door (must pre-register)


Register Here

See list of current registrations

All entries must be submitted by Thursday July 20.

No entries will be accepted after that day.

There will be no entries the day of the tournament.

Entry fees will be received that day, but no late entries will be accepted. We need exact numbers and knowledge of who is playing ahead of time.


Must be a resident of NC and age 65 or older.

Must be a member of the NC Chess Association (if not a member then you may pay $10 in cash for membership before play begins).  Note that a nonmember will be paying a total of $20 for membership and to participate.     


Three Rounds G/60;d5               

Round Times: Rd 1: 10:00 | Rd 2: 12:30 | Rd 3: 3:00

Please arrive by 9:30 so we will not have to rush to start on time.

Three Sections:  Over 1400 (a player may play up if they are within 100 points of the cut off), U1400, and an Extra Section (for anyone between 50 and 65 who just wants to play some rated chess games).  July Rating Supplements will be used.


Pizza and drinks will be provided (for free) between first and second rounds.


First place and ties in the Over 1400 Section will be declared the NC Super Senior State Champion.                             

First place and ties in the U1400 Section will be declared the NC U1400 Super Senior State Champion.

If there is a tie in a section the top player in the section, by the Modified Median System, will receive a trophy.

There are no prizes for the Extra Section.

Each Round a small table prize for the winner of each table will be provided.